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Northern Australia, August 1942

In early August, Howard was still stationed in Northern Australia.

On August 11, he sent a letter that was turned into V-mail. V-mail,inaugurated on June 15, 1942, was designed to expedite the delivery of military mail.  Letters were microfilmed, sent overseas, then printed out for the recipient. I plan to transcribe V-mail, since it is hard to read even when enlarged. I am not printing the envelopes, as they have no useful information.

My darling Margaret,

Another letter from you this day. A nice one it was, too. Dated May 27 so you can see it was comparatively recent. Any mail that I get that is later than February is very fresh to me.  I am still here and still in good health. I think a few strawberries would aid my digestion however.

I got a new pair of glasses this day and although they are not much and I cannot see too well with them they might come in very handy some day. I read Mrs. Garcia's letter and it brought back of glimmer of old times. That clipping about my boy John was interesting to me too. I wish he were here now for one reason and another, partly because he loved to play and could not win.  You know, my love in regards to this apparent ____ over my welfare and stuff I have three words to say on this subject. Take it easy. I have a letter from you dated June 16. In it is a picture of your car. It will never see the famous military road of Australia I hope. You ask for my cable address:
S/Sgt Howard E. McCormick
933 Q.M. Co. [Trk]
APO 921
[end indent]

I am getting disgusted with this typewriter, it is making too many mistakes. I am rather disgusted with the fact that I am not where you are too. The news is getting less and less these days what with the censors being what they are. Maby the day will come when the only censors that I will ever have any contact with will be the movie ones. I miss you more than ever my love and with that goodnight.



He sent a telegram to Margaret that month, too, on August 14:

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