Monday, September 7, 2015

Australia, April 1942

In early April, Howard was serving with the 733rd Quartermaster Company (Truck) in Australia.  A history of the Quartermaster Corps can be found here and information about specific Quartermaster entities can be found here.  This is the information about the 733d Quartermaster Company (Truck):

1961st QM Co. (Truck, Avn) - 301 ASG
773d Quartermaster Company (Truck) activated 13 Mar 40 at Key Fld, MS. Assigned to 301st Serv Gp 15 Aug 42. Moved to Selfridge Field 15 Oct 42. Renumbered from 773 QM Truck Co per WD AG 320.1 (8-28-42) Letter, Subject: Redesignation and Reorganization of Quartermaster Companies, Truck, with the Army Air Forces, Sep 12, 1942. Departed for Calcutta, India 18 Aug 43. Reassigned c. 20 Sep 43. Unit located near Deoladie, India.

When I reach August 1942, I'll be able to tell whether he moved to the 301st Service Group or somewhere else.

According to this letter, he was moving about Australia, which conforms with the information in the QMC history concerning the early part of 1942.

A.P.O. 925 was stationed at Adelaide until January 1943.

By the last part of April, Howard was stationed at A.P.O. 921, stationed in Darwin.

This is the Australian magpie's call:

and this is the call of the yellow billed cuckoo:

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