Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Guinea, June 1943

Jun 5, 1943

My Darling:

     My correspondence has overcome me. A lot of little short notes now and then I will start over again when I get more time. Your last was 10 May and I got that three part letter you wrote before that. I am still quite well and my duties are not too onerous. You are having a bad time with the film proposition but keep trying. That brother of yours seems to be a pretty good bet.
     Things have not changed a whole lot around here and we are still doing our bit in the same way as ever. I hope that the seeds get here before too long. I feel the need of a little gardening to keep my mind off one thing and another. I will try to get a more complete letter off to  you without too much delay so if I want to get the others 29 written I had better stop.

                                                                     All my love,

Later in the month, he was moved to the 1912th Q.M. Co., APO 923, which was Brisbane.

My Darling Margaret,

     I have been moving around some of late and am now in the 1912th Q.M. Co. APO 923.  I did not write for some time on this account but will perhaps catch up. I have gotten quite a lot of mail from you since I last wrote to you including the letter with the clippings in it. This address will probably catch me for a while but I expect I will go a little further before I stop. I am out of typewriters just now so if you can read this you are seeing all right. I would like to tell you of my [  ] but [  ]. Suffice it to say that [ ].

                                                    All my love, Howard

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