Thursday, November 26, 2015

December 1943

Howard wrote Margaret a letter dated December 12, 1943

S/sgt Mccormick 14003792

My darling Margaret,

   It has been some days since I wrote to you. Your beautiful cheeses arrived safely. Pretty potent they were too. Things are much the same. They have taken a little different turn of late but not much. (I have no typewriter available so  you will have to decypher [sic] this as best you can. Your pictures came and they were lovely. this writing by hand is real work for me. I'll bet I haven't written much but my initials for nearly three years. My Christmas presents are arriving regularly. I got a box of very potent cigars the other day from Reba (one [ ]). I'll smoke them if it kills me. This is just too much.

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