Monday, November 16, 2015

Brisbane, August 1943

Howard wrote on August 9:

My Darling

     Status unchanged. I have gotten three or four of your letters with my new company number on them. The postal system is vastly improved over what it was a year ago. This meets with my approval.
     The days are getting a little longer and warmer now, thank the Lord. It was really rugged at first. I've been here long enough now so that all that was once backward is now right. Even the people walk on the left side of the street here. I supposed that when I get home it will take me just about as long to get oriented as it did here. One of the boys got a letter from some guy who went home. He wrote that he felt like a foreigner back there. The people drove on the wrong side of the raod and most of all the money was no good. I can understand that because altho' a pound is worth about $3.25 here we spend them like dollars.
     Another one of our boys got himself a wife yesterday. Marriage here is now commonplace. In fact the next generation is coming along.
                                                                           All my Love,


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