Saturday, September 5, 2015

To the South Pacific, March 1942

By the beginning of March 1942, Howard was at sea in the South Pacific.  A list of troop transports is here, and I hope to figure out at some point the ship on which he traveled.  The records of ships transporting troops were destroyed in 1951.

At Sea
Feb. 5/42
Dear Margaret,

     I guess you have been home for a lot of days by the time you get this little letter.  Let me hope that you had a pleasant time in Fla.  At the present writing I am somewhere at sea in the southern Pacific and where we are bound I do not know.  Confidentially I don't care much either.  We have had a good trip so far and although the accommodations are not of the finest, they are bearable.  I wish I were with you for a while honey lamb.  I miss you so much.  I suspect that it will be a lot of days before I see you again my love, but until that time hold the fort.





Margaret was still in Kentland, living with her parents and Bud Kruman, her first husband.

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